How to Make Money on OnlyFans

Onlyfans is a social media website that allows content creators to join it and can post their special content. This platform allows the content creators to earn money through their subscribers, as the subscribers have to pay a monthly fee to watch their favorite content creators. Now there is no restriction of what kind of content can be created, but there are many controversies that emerged around this platform.

Steps to be an OnlyFans creator

The fans can watch creator’s photos and videos by paying a monthly fee. After the subscripiton, fans are given access to the content creators’ feed where they can watch their exclusive content. Creators are allowed to keep 80 percent of the money that is paid by their fans. You need to keep in the mind that 20 percent of the money generated goes to the OnlyFans platform itself.

OnlyFans is known for its adult industry and pornography, as we have mentioned above there were many controversies regarding it. Also you need to know that the platform offers you an unrestricted content policy. You don’t have to create content based on specific genre.

How to get started at OnlyFans?

Register your OnlyFans account: You can register a free account with Email, Twitter or Google account. You are allowed to creat your post then. But if you want to subscribe other’s account even it is free to follow, you have to add your card. If you want to earn money and be a creator on OnlyFans, you have to add you Bank information. After the verification, you can choose to receive your earnings by Paypal. The minimum withdraw is $250 and it will take about 2 days to arrive your Paypal account.

Set the subscription price: Go to settings after your account is approved. You can edit your profile there like change the cover image, change your username, and set the subscription price. The minimum price is $4.99/month or your can make your account totally free. You can also add your Amzon wishlist in your profile.

Set welcome messages: It is recommended to set a welcome message to your new fans. You can set it under the “CHAT” tab. Here is an example:

Welcome to my page & thank you so so much for the support! 💋💋 please don’t hesitate messaging me, let’s get to know each other! Any questions or requests let me know, no need to be shy here   😍😈

Posts: This is all of the content that you post, and it can be seen here on your profile such as your photos, videos, stories, live updates and whatever you post. Not only that but it shows that how many likes you have received and number of like that can be seen are displayed here. And also, the fans can watch the content that they have liked by themselves. Your profile also shows that how many fans do you have and can are not visible to themselves though. While you are on creating your account or profile on OnlyFans then you should first of all find an attractive and unique name of your account. And the kind of content that you are going to post over there. How often you are going to post on your profile and a lot more that you need to consider. Especially the monthly subscription fee.

You can create an OnlyFans accounts and can create content in various genres such as, including:

  • Modelling
  • Influencer Blogs
  • Funny videos
  • Recipes and Cooking tips
  • Adult content
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • DIY Tutorials
  • Travel Blogging
  • Fashion
  • Cosplaying
  • Fitness Coaching

OnlyFans Special Features

As we have already explained it to you that you can setup an account on this platform and can easily make money by just creating content, but before you and up setting up an account on this platform and how can you generate the earning your online income. Before that, let us discuss what the features this platform can offer you.

Posting on your feed or profile:

As a content creator you have a personal profile of your own where you can create your own feed by posting photos, live videos and updates. Not only that even you can post anything you want, meaning any type of content.

Audio availability:

It allows you to record your own voice and post it as an audio. Meaning thereby that you can post an audio track if you want to. You can upload it right away.

Adding a poll:

Another feature that it has to offer you is that you are allowed to choose a duration for the poll that you are creating.

This poll allows you to add up the question that you want to ask along with that you can also add up your answers and then you are allowed to post it on your wall. Your fans when look at it will be allowed to just tap and vote. They can click one of the options of the available answers.

Another important feature is that you can choose an expiry period of your post that you are going to post. This means that you can determine how long people can see your post and for how long the post is going to be on your feed. It deletes automatically but you can determine the duration.

Schedule posts:

By schedule we mean that this platform offers you to pick a time and date for your post this will help you post automatically and publish a post that you have created on the specified time.

Not only this, but as the main feature of this app is to make you earn money, the content creators can add up a price to their post and you have to price lock a  post. Because it set on free, you have to price lock it to mention the price you want to charge. Also, you need to keep in mind that you are allowed to price lock the posts that are with media such as the audios, videos and photos. Once it is on your feed, the users or your fans can unlock that specific post by paying the mentioned amount that is settled by you.

If you want to price lock a post all you have to do is go on OnlyFans and tap on the create post button, after that you can add the media, then tap on the dollar tag icon, after that you will be able to set up your price and afterwards post it on your timeline right away.

If you ask us, we can tell you a good strategy that is to create two OnlyFans accounts. One has to be your free account and the other one has to be the paid or premium one. On the free account you can post your exclusive content but you can share the best that you have created on the paid ones. The free account will help you will promotions.

How to get followers on OnlyFans?

After you set up your Onlyfans accounts and upload several attractive photos, the difficult part comes. How you can get more follwers and start to earn money?

Going live with your subscribers

This is one of the finest features of OnlyFans that it allows you to go live for your fans and you can even earn through that. You can set up a time and date on which you have to go live with your fans. As soon as your live session is over you are allowed to upload this as a normal video, this is suggested because if any of your fans have missed it they can catch up with you later.

Some tips to manage your OnlyFans account

Below are a few tips that will help you manage your profile/account on OnlyFans:

  • You can create a poll in which you can ask your subscribers that what content they want to see.
  • They can vote on the popular content that they want to see.
  • Promote your profile on your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit…)

Adding to your story

We all use different social media platforms and there is an option in which you can add your photos, video and content as a story. This platform also offers the same feature where you can post your content as that can be seen only to certain  or specified amount of time and people. This can also be saved as highlights that people can tap and watch them later as well.

Receiving the tips

This feature is one of the appreciated ones because fans are allowed to send you tips in a direct manner via your posts, while a live stream is going on they can leave their suggestion there’s or can message you. You are also allowed to sell custom content in return of the tips that are given you from your fans.

Sending messages

When you have to speak with all of your fans even with other creators then you can do it through messages. You are also given the facility of sending pay per view content to your fans in messages.

How to earn money from OnlyFans?

Besides the subscription fees, there are a few extra ways to earn money from Onlyfans:

  1. Asking for tips: You can get tips from your fans on your posts and they can tip you there, astounding right? Yes, this is possible, all you have to do is to post some high quality content that all your followers will love and they will eventually tip you if they like it to that extent.
  2. PPV (Pay per View): You also can sell the custom content by using the PPV (Pay per View) messages and tips, you can sell items as well in exchange for the tips. For this, you can sell both physical and digital items. If you are selling your items on Onlyfans, you can create your own tip menu where you can set both tip fee and the sale price of the item you will be selling.
  3. Mass messages: You can also have mass messages option when you are providing exclusive content to all your subscribers. If your subscribers like your content then they will be paying to watch what you are up to next.
  4. Promotional Campaign: Onlyfans is also providing you with promotional campaigns where your subscription will be on discounted price and you will be able to set your own discount. So, when people will subscribe and they love your content then they will subscribe even after the discounted option ends.

Now we will come to the section where we will tell you how to receive money from your Onlyfans account, here you go:

How to receive money from OnlyFans?

In order to get money you have to setup your bank account and withdraw money:

Adding a bank account:

You will have to submit all of your personal details that are required.

Note:  It is done two stages.

1. Submitting your personal details such as ID card for approval. The approval with be given by OnlyFans.

2. Add your bank account, and set the subscription price monthly.

Now it’s time that you start posting whatever content you want to post. Once your account is all set, whenever a fan opens your profile they can see all of your content.

As the fans are paying for the content, they deserve to see it. So, now it is time to offer your exclusive content on Onlyfans and earn from it, all you need to remember is to be consistent in posting and interacting with your subscribers in order to maintain your followers.

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